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This entire website is devoted to a very incredible mineral supplement that you can make right at your own kitchen sink by adding 25 drops of these very concentrated minerals to a quart of tap water. 

It's called Adya Clarity™.
  (Adya Clarity™ minerals are extracted from Black Mica rock, hence our name Living Mica Waters.)

You merely add 25 drops of this concentrated mineral solution to 1 quart of tap water.  It's that simple. 

These drops will benefit your Body, Mind and Spirit in so many ways.  But I don't want to reveal all of the wonders here.  I would like you to read for yourself to become informed about the scope of how Adya Clarity™ can benefit you and your family.

I recommend that you begin by clicking on the "Adventure" tab above.  This is a 17 minute movie/webinar titled "The Great Adya Clarity™ Adventure  part 1"  It describes in simple language the numerous benefits available when you drink what I call "The Smartest Water On The Planet".

After the Adventure you can come back here and follow the tabs at the top from left to right, starting with "Adya Clarity".  This way you will get to know what Adya Clarity™ does, how it does it, and how to get some for you and your family. 

There are a lot of interesting and informative topics here.  Please bookmark this page so you can easily come back.  I think that once you learn all that Adya Clarity™ can provide, you will decide to try it for yourself.

Better health has never been so easy.

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Lorenzo Gramlich         Nevada City, California