Can I share something with you?

November 2011

Ok, now I've really got something to talk about.  Recently at dinner my girlfriend Patty was telling me that I was looking younger, that my skin looked moist, that it looked flushed, like I was re-hydrating.  AND that I was looking younger.

This perked me up and was cause for me to reflect back on the previous month that I had been adding Adya Clarity™ drops to tap water and drinking. I was drinking Adya Water™ in my coffee, in my tea, and of course in the numerous glasses of Adya Water™ that I’d begun to drink everyday.

In early October a friend had mentioned Adya Clarity™ to me, so I Googled it and for the next half hour I was thoroughly engrossed in what I was learning.

While I was online I bought a quart of Adya Clarity™ and the day it arrived I mixed some up and drank a big glass of it.  It had a nice mineral water taste and feel to it.  I was pleased.  Thank goodness I liked it because the quart I bought would make 250 gallons of treated drinking water – enough to last me a year.  Pretty good investment I thought, particularly if it did what people were saying that it did.

About ten minutes after I finished my glass I was standing in my kitchen and suddenly I was experiencing this wonderful feeling of well being and calmness.  Actually it felt like a mild little natural high had just washed over me.  It was very pleasant. 

I thought that maybe what I was feeling was what I had read about as the Activated Oxygen that happens as soon Adya Clarity™ is added to water.  They said that the Activated Oxygen enters the blood in just a matter of minutes.  Whatever it was, I liked how I felt.

Patty and Lorenzo

After four weeks of drinking my “Adya Water” I looked back at what had been stated about Adya Clarity™ on the websites and what I'd been experiencing.

• Purifies the water, eliminates chlorine and fluoride as it separates out the contaminants.  Yes – I could see the contaminates settling out in the bottles on my counter and the chlorine taste was definitely gone, replaced by a very pleasant mineral taste and it felt very silky going down.

• Activates the Oxygen in the water.  Yes – I was definitely feeling more energetic.

• Re-hydrates the cells and tissues.  Yes – Patty told me that I was looking younger,  that my face was more flushed.  (She didn't want to say that I had fewer wrinkles, but that's ok.)  And the dry, flakey patches on my arms were gone.

• Improves stamina.  Yes.  You may want to check with Patty on this one.

• De-calcifies the teeth, joints, arteries and cells.  Don't notice the changes yet, but it's only been a month.

• Detoxifies the cells.  I think this is a longer than 4 week process, but I believe it is happening.  I see what it does to the toxins in the bottles of Adya Water™ on the counter and I'm made up of 70% water, so I figure that it's doing the same thing in my body that it was doing to the water on the counter.

• Supplies a continuous supply of 100% bio-available ionized, very rich minerals.  Yes – an overall sense of well being, both physically and emotionally.  Feeling balanced and relaxed.

• A pleasure to drink all day long.  Definitely.  I’m drinking a lot more water than I ever used to and my body just feels more hydrated.  I just feel better all over.

I want to live a healthier lifestyle and take better care of myself, but I've been frustrated by how complicated and confusing good health can be.  Adya Clarity™ is a blessing to me and to my health.

It's pretty easy.  25 drops in a liter bottle, fill with tap water, set aside for an hour or so, drink, enjoy.  This kind of complexity I can handle.

Good health to you,

Lorenzo Gramlich, Nevada City, California

p.s.  Oh, by the way did I mention that I'm 65?  I'm definitely not feeling like I used to think a 65 year old man is supposed to feel.

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