Our Mission

Years ago I learned that life feels most fulfilling when one had discovered one’s Life Purpose and then proceeds to live it. 

After I learned about Adya Clarity™ and began to experience the myriad benefits in my own body and spirit, I saw that this remarkable product would be the vehicle that I would use (and it would use me) to create and live in my Life Purpose, my Life Mission.

And then my whole relationship with Adya Clarity™, the product and the company, changed.  A new possibility had been revealed.  The possibility of using Adya Clarity™ for a threefold purpose.

1- To alter and dramatically improve my own health and well being.

2- To make my friends and countless others aware of how Adya Clarity™ could alter their lives and well being.

3- To market and sell Adya Clarity™ to support myself financially, and more importantly, to raise money with which to fulfill my Life Mission.

What a satisfying place to come from.  It wasn’t just about improving my income and helping friends and others, it was first and foremost about making a difference in the world for however many years I have left on this wondrous planet, and then others will carry it on.

I am stating “Our” Mission in that this is not something that I could or would want to do by myself.  The other players will be revealing themselves as we move along.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to dramatically impact the level of children’s health in the world by greatly expanding the availability of pure and healthful drinking water world wide.

How are we going to fulfill on this Great Adventure? 

First of all it is a Great Adventure, not a job, not a burden.  It is exciting, it is empowering, it is fulfilling, it is inspiring, and above all it is fun.  We call it an Adventure because it reminds us that it is fun and it’s a game worth playing.

Second, the one thing we know for sure right now is that Adya Clarity™ is our vehicle.  How are we going to do it?  That is a mighty question and one that we will be living in constantly.  Questions of this quality are best not answered, but lived in, asking over and over and listening for the answer.  Not THE answer, but the answer for that particular asking.

It is said that you keep telling the Universe (God, Great Spirit, whatever your name for It is) what you want and the Universe will reveal the path.  Or more succinctly, "My job is to tell the Universe what I want, the Universe will do the work."  So we'll keep telling and will also keep watching and listening for what is being revealed.

Now we’re on the path.

We would deeply appreciate your blessings and alignment on our Great Adventure.

Thank you.