How to use it

Making Adya Clarity™ Water aka Adya Water™

A bottle of Adya Clarity™ goes a long, long way.  The proper dilution is 1:1000.

This means that you add just 1 part of Adya Clarity to 1000 parts of water.

So from a 1 quart bottle of Adya Clarity™ you can make 1,000 quarts of Adya Water™.

• To treat 8 oz. of water you would add 6 drops of Adya Clarity™ from a dropper bottle.

• For 1 quart or 1 liter of water you will add 25 drops (1/4 teaspoon).

• For 1 gallon of water add 1 teaspoon.

Whatever your volume of water is, divide it by 1000 to get the amount of Adya Clarity™ needed for proper dilution.

Depending on how many contaminants are in the water there will be a gathering of agglutinated substance at the bottom of the container often seen as a peachy color. The visible substance is inert and harmless.  You can gently pour the clear water off the top of the container to avoid ingesting the agglutinated material.  Remember, if you happen to ingest some of it, it will NOT harm you.

Super Shots

Super Shots are a more concentrated solution of Adya Clarity™ and water.  It is not necessary that you take Super Shots to get the full benefits of Adya Clarity™.  Some people who think they have a heavy load of toxins from heavy exposures in their life may want to consider the regimen described below.  It’s a personal choice.  Adya Clarity™ works tirelessly in your body every day to detoxify you.  Super Shots may speed up the process. 

** Please note:  taking Super Shots is an "off label" use of Adya Clarity™.  It is neither recommended nor discouraged by Adya, Inc.  It’s a personal choice.

• Drink one Super Shot immediately upon waking in the morning.

• Mix 1 teaspoon of Adya Clarity™ in 3 or 4 oz. of water.

• Wait a few minutes and then drink 2 large glasses of Adya Water™ within the next 30

• Continue drinking Adya Water™ throughout the day.

• Repeat in mid afternoon if you choose.

Other uses

• TRAVEL: When traveling or at a restaurant, put 6 to 10 drops of Adya Clarity™ into 8-12 ounces of water. Stir and wait about 2 minutes. The chlorine will be gone and the water will now be fully mineralized, Living Water.  It will also taste better.

• BATHTUB: In a bathtub put one ounce of Adya Clarity™ into the water. Soak at least 10 minutes, but it’s your time to relax, so soak as long as you’d like.

• FOOT SOAK: Add a teaspoon of Adya Clarity™ to a hot water foot soak. Soak feet for half hour. Repeat often.

Caution: Do not use Adya Clarity™ without properly diluting as instructed. If accidentally swallowed without dilution, drink plenty of water. If product gets into eyes, immediately flush with water. If irritation persists, immediately seek a medical professional.

Dr. Shimanishi is the creator of Adya Clarity™.  To learn more about his journey and to see an extraordinary video on how Adya Clarity™ can clean up polluted water, click on his link on the left, or click here.