Your Homemade Adya Water™ Kit

To get started we recommend you set yourself up a space on your counter so that you can always have a good supply of fresh, homemade Adya Water™ on hand.

Home kit with 2 oz. bottle of Adya Clarity™   Toxins safely resting at the bottom.

First you'll need a set up. 

I went to the supermarket and bought 4 one liter bottles of water of water.  I chose bottles that were attractive and made of the heavier, clear plastic.  It's best to use clear bottles (glass of course would be fine) so that you can see what's happening to your "clean" tap water once you add Adya Clarity™ and it sits for a while.  It's important for it to have time to remove the toxins and let them "agglutinate" and settle to the bottom (see the glass above, right).  The toxins are now completely inert and will never remix with the pure water.

As I empty one I refill it and put it in the back of the line.

To get one of the incredible Adya Filtration Systems click on the "Adya Filter" link on the left.

Second – It's easy and 1 - 2 - 3 

1 - Add Adya Clarity™        2 - Add tap water             3 - Drink

Making Adya Water™ is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 as you can see.  Having a 2 oz. bottle of Adya Clarity™ on the counter is a great way to keep making up the liter bottles of Adya Water™.  When you squeeze the bulb at the top of the dropper, it will fill the dropper up almost half way.  That equals 12 to 13 drops, and since it takes 25 drops to make up a quart or liter, I just do 2 quick droppers full and add water. 

Then I put the new bottle at the end of the line of bottles so it can be "doing its thing" – purifying, ionizing, and oxygenating the tap water, turning it into Living Water, loaded with minerals, and getting ready to do great things when you drink it. 

To your health!