Did you know that bottled Water is a $70 BILLION dollar industry worldwide?

For the most part and in most locations the superiority of bottled water is a myth perpetuated by slick advertising that makes us think that it's cleaner, safer, and better for us than tap water.  To learn more about this myth and the true cost of bottled water and the environmental impact worldwide click on the links on the left.

 The tale of SmartWater™ v.s. Smartest Water™ 

One of the hundreds of bottled water brands (thousands worldwide) is called SmartWater™.  Why is it called SmartWater™?  On the bottle it says that the contents are vapor distilled water and electrolytes (salts), which they add to give the tasteless distilled water some taste and to help the body assimilate the water better.

The electrolytes (salts) are calcium chloride, magnesium chloride and potassium bicarbonate.

So they take tap water and distill it.  That creates "dead water" – water that has no value except potential hydration of the body.  I say "potential" hydration because that's one of the two reasons they add the electrolytes. To improve assimilation/absorption into the cells and to give it some taste.

And for this they call it SmartWater™??

Well, My Water Is Smarter Than Their Water and here's why:

1– SmartWater™ – They have to boil the water into steam and condense it back into liquid water.  That takes a lot of energy (oil), a big distilling apparatus and a bottling machine.

Smartest Water – I add 25 drops of Adya Clarity™ to a liter of tap water and it purifies it, removing organic and inorganic contaminants as it removes the chlorine and fluoride.  No additional energy (oil) is used. 

2– SmartWater™ – They add 3 different salts to give it taste and improve absorption. 

Smartest Water – My Adya Water has 50+ major and trace minerals – a smorgasbord of nutrients to feed the thousands of different kinds of enzymes in our bodies so they can do their specific jobs for our optimal health.  It is electrically charged (an extra electron), removes toxins, decalcifies, makes the water molecule clusters half their original size for better assimilation, it detoxifies and it tastes great.

3– SmartWater™ – They make plastic bottles from petroleum and then ship it all over the USA from wherever it is bottled, using more oil and generating more pollution.  On average only 5% of all plastic water bottles get recycled.  And when they do it takes even more oil and energy to recycle them.  That means millions of plastic bottles enter the landfills EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Smartest Water – I've found a great use for SmartWater™.  I buy 3 or 4 of SmartWater's strong and lovely plastic liter bottles and refill them over and over with my Smartest Water™.  Now that's real recycling.

4- SmartWater™ costs about $2 for a liter and a bottle that you'll probably use once.

Smartest Water™ costs 10¢ for a liter of Adya Water™.  That makes SmartWater™
20 times more expensive than Smartest Water™.    T W E N T Y    T I M E S

How smart is that?

Put the two side by side and My Water makes Their Water look pretty dumb.  But I think that their bottle design and graphics are great.  It's just the water that is lacking.   Oh, and the environmental impact is heavy too.

To learn more about The Myth of Bottled Water and the Environmental Impact click on the links on the left.