Adya Clarity's™ Ionic Minerals

Ionized minerals are bio electrically charged minerals that are dissolved in water. They carry an extra electron. 
Adya's Ionic Minerals are DISSOLVED, not suspended, in an ionized or "living" state.  Therefore they are more easily absorbed into our blood stream and body cells.  Ionized minerals go into our body surrounded by nutrients.  Ionized minerals DO NOT build up to toxic levels in our tissues and joints as do minerals in colloidal or dead form. 
In layman's terms ionization means "absorbed", but also "electrically charged". Our body works on bio electricity, every organ has its own unique bio electric wave length.  Adya Ionic Mineral solution delivers MINERALS IN AN IONIZED STATE.  Rather than tap water being broken down in the stomach in preparation for absorption, ADYA Water™ is absorbed nearly instantly and reaches the bloodstream and cells fast. The Adya System is designed to deliver OXYGEN, WATER, AND LIVING MINERALS to our body!

Most people do not realize that acid by definition is positively charged hydrogen. In nature, this acid is the charge that is used to properly charge minerals. In the presence of acid we have the ability to raise the available oxygen levels in water. This special ability keeps unwanted bacteria from taking over the liquid environment, and in turn the whole world.

Adya Clarity™ drops contain a powerful energy that electrically energizes water which in turn energizes your body. It also destroys bad bacteria and removes chlorine from drinking water.  This amazing ability is duplicated in nature every day. We can see it in plant roots as they dissolve and uptake minerals, and we can also see it when volcanoes bring forth sulfuric acid to help dissolve stones.

This electric life energy works well only when we have abundant ionic state minerals in our body. Minerals serve as the carrier of energy and as the communication device for life. Without minerals, life as we know it could not exist. Plants, animals, humans and even water become unstable and start showing symptoms of degenerating when required minerals are not present in an ionic form.

How Minerals are Transported to Cells

When mineral compounds are consumed in food, the body must somehow absorb the minerals from the digestive tract and make them available to the tissues and cells and other places they are needed. The process is not a simple one. The minerals cannot simply diffuse into our tissues and through cell membranes into the interior of cells — if they could, their concentrations would fluctuate in accordance with whatever amounts of minerals we happen to consume at any given time.

Instead, the mineral containing compounds (ionized mineral atoms taken from these compounds) are transported into (or out of) cells by transporter proteins.  These are molecular devices embedded in cell membranes that recognize the minerals and allow only certain kinds to pass through the membranes.

This system permits cells and tissues to regulate their internal concentrations of minerals. The transporters bind those minerals tightly, but they need to be ionized. The transporter protein picks up an ionized form of the mineral, binds it and immediately pulls it in and then it goes into the bloodstream and is carried to where it is needed. Whatever the charge of a mineral, it still needs to get through a dense, negative charge on the surface of the intestinal cell and it may be that negative charge is designed to keep out certain undesirable agents including undesirable minerals. Transporters have such a high affinity that once an ionized form of a mineral can get into the region, the transporter will pick it up.

Essential minerals are absorbed in their ionic form ranging from 20 to 90 percent depending on how hungry your body is for the mineral at that time. Receiving minerals in an IONIZED form is how plants and animals were designed to absorb inorganic minerals!

Ionized minerals CANNOT build up to toxic levels in your body!

Ingredients : 100% Pure Black Mica Extract

Adya Clarity™ is a perfectly balanced synergy of crucial elements. This concentrated solution contains only natural elements made from unique Black Mica found only in volcanic regions of Japan.  (Note: Since the tsunami in Japan in 2011 no Black Mica has been extracted.  A good supply of pre-tsunami Black Mica is warehoused, and no more will be extracted from the Japanese site until any danger from potential radiation has been determined.  Safety is of utmost importance.)

Mineral Composition in Adya Clarity™ of the major minerals in ppm (parts per million)

Ferric Sulfate, 2000
Magnesium Sulfate, 400
Potassium Sulfate, 200
Calcium Sulfate, 250
Phosphorus Sulfate, 20
Manganese Sulfate, 20
Sodium Sulfate, 15
Zinc Sulfate, 2