Adya Clarity™

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Important message: This entire section is devoted to teaching you what Adya Clarity™ is and how it does what it does.  I am not asking you to take my word for how extraordinary Adya Clarity™ is – I will show you WHY it is so incredible and why it works in every body, not just in some.  I suspect that as you learn more and more, you will be as amazed (and impressed) as I was when I researched it.

         Here's to your health and well being – Lorenzo Gramlich

To put it simply:  Adya Clarity™ is an extraordinary water purification and mineralization solution.

Adding Adya Clarity™ to any water vitalizes, purifies, and restructures the water for maximum health and hydration. Chlorine, fluoride, pathogens, toxins, and contaminants are eliminated or reduced to the most inert form.

Adya Clarity™ is a magnetic mineral solution that purifies and transforms your water into living, oxygenated, fresh tasting mineral water.  It destroys harmful bacteria (but not beneficial bacteria), removes impurities and also electrically energizes water, which in turn energizes your body.

This may sound like a lot, but that's what Adya Clarity™ does.

It does a LOT.

Adya Clarity™ does all this by using the power of minerals in their ionic state. Ionic minerals are bio-electrically charged by carrying an extra electron and can conduct and transfer energy. These types of minerals are also known as electrolytes. In our bodies electrolytes are responsible for moving nutrients into our cells and removing wastes (detoxification).

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